The Commodity trading market is one of the most upcoming markets in terms of investment opportunities. This market has immense growth potential and is one of the first choices of customers because the risk is comparatively lower than equity trading. An interesting aspect of the commodities is that customers can invest in less capital but still stand the chance of gaining maximum return out of it. They key behind successful trading is extensive market know-how and a diligent choice of products in which to invest.

LAKSHMISHREE Commodity Pvt Ltd. (LCPL).provides you the facility to trade in commodities. With LCPL you can trade on two major commodity exchanges of the country: National Commodity and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) and Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd(MCX). Online Trading Platform with best of "Technology & Art" to its valued constituents is available on LAKSHMISHREE outlets.

As a result of lifting restrictions and setting up of nation-wide online multi commodity exchanges such as MCX & NCDEX, a centralized trading environment across India has been created for offering Futures trading in several Agricultural Commodities, Precious Metal and Base Metals.

Further, the authorities have kept in mind the economic purpose of a Commodity Futures Exchange as a market place , enabling the Producers/Processors to sell it in advance to protect them against possible price fall and allow Consumers-Traders, Processors and Exporters to buy in advance to protect against possible price increase. In this way they are able to "Hedge" their price risk.

As a result of prevailing favorable market conditions the wings of this trade are further spreading globally as a vision of World Commodity Market. Therefore, the Commodity Exchanges with the contribution mainly routed through the Brokers engaged in Commodity Segment who in turn mainly with the involvement of following types of participants in the Futures Markets are giving the business volumes.

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